Welcome on our website!

Whether you discovered us intentionally or by accident, if you are willing to spare a minute, we will show you our portfolio of offered services.

What we do

Our main business sector is the development of individual software systems for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • You need a solution with specific requirements that is not available on the market?
  • You are trying to switch from an old system?
  • You have a vision of a completely new application?

We are the perfect partner in this case.

Laptop screen with programming code on it

Based on your own preferences we involve you directly in the development process to make sure that you get the product that you imagined.

How we do it

Like most businesses in the sector of software development we use an agile process. As a result, we are able to react fast to changes to the requirements or adaptions that must be made, without increasing the risk of a project failure.

Picture of a track for a 100m sprint

Should you decide, after getting to know us, that we should carry out a project for you, we will usually start with a requirement analysis.

Within the frame of that analysis we will work out with you what problem should be solved and other important parameters like the exact functionalities, performance, costs or reasonable deadlines.
Based on that data we create a project proposal and later a project charter, which we use as a starting point for the development and the project acceptance at the end of the project. The project charter contains therefor all agreements between the two parties. These include, among others, goals and non-goals, important dates, acceptance criteria and other key points.

Should you be happy with the project charter you just give us a call and we start with the development.

To get information on the exact process, we would ask you to contact us via email or by telephone.
You will find all contact information on the linked page.